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Morokh is an amazing band out of Moscow that is a metal band that I would say is black metal without the typical sounding black metal vocals. I found this band after listening to another similar band called Gaerea, which you should also check out if you like these guys! Morokh has a bunch of amazing albums as they seem to come out with a new one every year. This new Insomnia album in my opinion is not there best yet but certainly will go into my rotation of monthly listening.


More black metal please. It sounds stupid but i truly don't think there is enough of this type of music coming out. A major problem with black metal is that a poor recording seems to be desired. Although that has been less of the case as of late, it makes a lot of older albums impossible to enjoy while listening. SO.... extra points for this band for being really consistent with having good recordings!


The first song on this album sucks. The way this album kicks off is so odd as it is not much of an intro and the song comes off as sloppy and muddy sounding. Instead of a nice fade in to the song kicking in I was met with what I would call more of a "slur in". This beginning threw me off so bad I actually didn't enjoy the album that much as it put me in some kind of mood. My NEXT listen though I started at song 2 and MAN....what a change. Thats second song on the album has a great intro and quite the banger.

I feel like this is actually the worst of their albums in the last few years. It's not a bad album by any stretch but if I am going to listen to this band I know I have 3 more albums before this that are just that much better. Regardless I am into this band and looking forward to hopefully another album next year!


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