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You should be checking out this band.

Churchroad records reached out to me to check a new song title "Eternal Vibe" by the band Timelost. They seem to be going through a bit of a musical change as their previous album doesn't sound much like this new album that will be dropping on 02/23/24. The song is OK, although it feels a bit repetitive but its catchy enough. I don't really want to review just one song so I will wait till the whole album comes out and give it a fair shake! What I can do though is tell you my thoughts on their previous album titled "Don't remember me for this".
Honestly this album rocks, love it. It has this shoegazey kind of vibe, lots of reverb and a good looking vinyl record which I purchased form them on Bandcamp. I hope there is a good bit of DNA from this album in their new one but we will see! In the press release it says the new album will sound like Weezer and has a quote from lead guitarist saying

"Eternal Vibe is about not giving a fuck about anyone's opinion anymore. Take your negativity elsewhere because I will not be listening." - Shane [vocals/guitar]

Now I don't really know what this is supposed to mean. Maybe they have gotten some pushback on this new album sound or something political goin on?

Yeah that's all I really have to see. I think they are worth your time checking out! You can find a their new music video and a link to Bandcamp below.



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